Recap and Results of WWE Raw, SmackDown, NXT – Week of Nov. 19-21

The fallout from Survivor Series quickly mixed with the hype for the next big WWE pay-per-view event, TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, but there weren’t too many big-time matches. Here’s our recap and the results from WWE Raw, SmackDown, and NXT for the week of November 19th through 21st.

Monday Night Raw – November 19th

Braun Strowman still wants Baron Corbin. Stephanie McMahon and Corbin opened the show by bragging about how Raw totally dominated at Survivor Series. Braun Strowman showed up to remind McMahon about their deal – he still wants Corbin – and she acquiesced, saying he could have his match at TLC… under her terms, of course. If Corbin wins, he’ll be the permanent general manager of Raw. But if he loses, he’ll also lose all authority. If Strowman wins, he’ll get a shot at Brock Lesnar and the WWE Universal Title at the Royal Rumble. Strowman agreed, reminding Corbin that he gets to pick the stipulations. “Welcome to Monday Night Braun.”

Corbin said Strowman might not even make it to TLC because he’s still GM and he makes the matches. The Constable then attempted to set the Monster up in a handicap match, but Steph set them both up a six-man tag match instead, for right now…

Strowman, Elias, and Finn Balor vs. Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre ends in a no-contest. This was an elimination match. The first man out was Balor following a Claymore by McIntyre. The heels controlled and soon enough, the obnoxious duo of Lashley and Lio Rush got into a brawl with Elias outside the ring. A spear by Lashley resulted in Elias being counted out. With only Strowman left, the Monster Among Men nearly eliminated Corbin but McIntyre broke up the pin with a chair, getting himself disqualified. Of course, he chose not to leave the ring and continued to punish Strowman with the chair. Lashley joined in, continuing the assault and hitting him with a spear outside the ring. A revived Corbin nailed Strowman’s arm with the steel steps, leaving him bloodied and unable to feel his fingers as the heels walked off in celebration.

Seth Rollins wants Dean Ambrose. Rollins came out to the ring to (again) discuss how Ambrose still hasn’t had the guts to face him like a man. Either way, at TLC, they’ll battle each other for the Intercontinental Championship. Rollins talked about how he never really knew Ambrose while they were friends because he never picked up the phone. Rollins said he was feeling highly aggressive tonight and challenged Ambrose to come down to the ring, “Because I am looking for a fight!” Instead, The Lunatic Fringe showed up on the big screen and told Rollins that he still didn’t get it. Things have changed. The Shield might’ve been loved all over, but it was rotten from the core and they were all going to pay for it. Roman’s payment was obvious. But Rollins would have to answer to Ambrose. The Architect then ran backstage, frantically searching for his former friend.

Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka defeated Sasha Banks and Bayley. With Alexa Bliss on commentary and the crowd angry at Jax for injuring Becky Lynch last week, the heels dominated Bayley. Banks tagged in but didn’t fair any better. Bayley returned to the ring with a vengeance but Snuka distracted the ref and Jax got the win off a Samoan Drop.

The Lucha House Party defeated The Revival. In 3-on-2 match, all members of Lucha House Party competed. After playing keep-away with a piñata, Dorado got the win with a shooting star press on Dash Wilder.

Ronda Rousey defeated Mickie James. After a brutal attack at the hands of Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series, Rousey came to the ring and said she’s going to defend her title against Nia Jax at TLC… and then she’s going to finish things with Flair. But for now, she wants a challenger, despite being covered in bruises from Survivor Series. She said, “Hit somebody’s music and send anyone out here to fight me, because if I can’t defend this title tonight, I don’t deserve to be champion.” Corbin denied her request to defend the title tonight. Rousey wasn’t having any of that, telling him to find somebody for her to fight… or, “Maybe,” she said, addressing Corbin, “You want a shot at the champ.”

Corbin gave in and sent out Mickie James, who gave Rousey a pounding, several kicks, and some trash talking before the Baddest Woman on the Planet turned the tables and made her tap to an armbar. Cue Snuka and Jax coming out for a quick staredown.

Natalya defeated Ruby Riott. Continuing the feud over her late father’s sunglasses, Natalya finally got a one-on-one match against Ruby Riott. Following a two-count by Riott and a distraction by Liv Morgan, Natalya reversed a roll-up attempt for the victory.

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable defeated the Authors of Pain. The Big Show made AoP manager Drake Maverick wet his pants during Survivor Series and Roode and Gable made fun of him… so we got this match as a result. Roode hit Akam with a blockbuster and Gable followed it up with a sunset flip and quick roll-up for the pin.

Rollins and Ambrose go at it. Ambrose came out and addressed the crowd, asking, “Oh, you wanna see Seth Rollins get his hands on me? Because I turned on him? Because I turned on Roman?” The Lunatic Fringe said he knows all of them would’ve done the same thing given the proper motivation. In fact, he can smell them right now – a giant, steaming pile of LA garbage.

The big screen showed Rollins running toward the ring and Ambrose braced himself for the attack. Rollins took to him quickly, pounding Ambrose, launching himself onto his former friend on the outside of the ring, and kicking him in the face. To stop the brawl, Ambrose hit him with a low blow followed by a Dirty Deeds before the eventually refs broke it up. Unfinished, Ambrose ran back into the ring for a second Dirty Deeds to finish him off.

SmackDown – November 20th

Charlotte Flair explains her attack. Paige reprimands her. The Queen opened the show by bragging about the beating she gave Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series. Flair said she’s proud of the damage she did and she’s not sorry. She did it all for the SmackDown women’s locker room and for “The Champ” Becky Lynch. Last Sunday, she said, Rousey bowed down to The Queen. GM Paige interrupted to remind Flair that Rousey was going to find her, but Flair said she wasn’t scared – she’d just put her head in a chair and stomp on it again. Paige said that Flair snapped on Sunday, and putting her hands on five refs is never okay. Paige then threatened to fine Flair $100,000 for the attack.

Flair defeats Billie Kay, Peyton Royce. Following Paige’s reprimand, the Ilconics came out to mock Flair, but she just asked which one of them wanted to be the next Rousey. In what could barely be considered a match, she ended Billie Kay with a Natural Selection and challenged Peyton Royce next. Royce performed a little better, but as the tide turned in The Queen’s favor, Kay jumped in to help, causing the DQ. Flair easily took them both out ringside before standing tall on the announcer’s table, raising her arms, and telling everyone to “bow down.”

The Bryant Brothers (local talent) defeated Miz and Shane McMahon. On an episode of Miz TV, Miz interviewed McMahon, lavishing (undeserved) praise on the Commissioner and himself about their Survivor Series performance. Claiming that together they were the best in the world, Miz asked if McMahon would team up with him in a tag team match. Miz, however, spent too much time talking and sucking up and he was surprised with a quick roll-up, losing the match.

The New Day defeated The Bar and The Big Show in a Thanksgiving Fight. If food is involved, these guys are gonna win. The New Day arrived in pilgrim garb and The Bar interrupted to trash talk their festivities. After a near-pin on Sheamus by Kofi Kingston, Big E pushed The Big Show off the ring apron through a table of Thanksgiving food. Following an alley-oop with a turkey that sent Sheamus through yet another dinner table feast, Big E put his hand in the turkey and knocked Sheamus out for the pin. Afterwards, they trashed their opponents with more Thanksgiving foods.

Asuka and Naomi defeated Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. After some confusion and miscommunication between Rose and Deville, Asuka kicked Deville in the face and followed it up with an Asuka Lock on Deville, making her tap for the win.

Daniel Bryan explains himself. SmackDown’s newest heel came out with the WWE Championship belt and began talking to himself. Speaking in third person, he recounted his recovery from injury and time spent in hyperbaric chambers where he did a lot of thinking. But he said the crowd and the fans weren’t there for that battle. They’d moved on without him. So when they chanted for AJ Styles during their match last week, Bryan did what he had to do to achieve his dreams. And his dreams kicked Styles in the balls. Since that match, there’s been a new emergence – the old Bryan is dead. The Yes Movement is dead. The new Daniel Bryan is the only thing that’s left. He then made the announcer introduce him as, “Your WWE Champion, The New Daniel Bryan.”

Randy Orton defeated Rey Mysterio. After weeks of attacks and attempted attacks by Orton, these two had a real match. Orton tried to pull off Mysterio’s mask, partially ripping it, and hitting him with an RKO while avoiding two attempts at a 619. Orton then hit a second RKO to get the pin. After the bell, Orton used a chair on his opponent and when his mask fell off, The Viper took it as a trophy.

NXT – November 21st

Keith Lee defeated Fidel Bravo in this squash match. A large and arrogant Lee got the pin following a cross-body block and jackhammer.

Lars Sullivan defeated Keita Murray in another squash match. Before reminding the crowd that he’s going after the NXT Championship, Sullivan got the win quickly with a corner splash, basement lariat, and Freak Accident. Keith Lee intervened to stop total domination by the big guy.

Nikki Cross defeated Candice LeRae. In this personal bout, LeRae took out her anger on Cross (you know, because of the whole “I know what you did” drama surrounding Gargano’s attack on Black). But true to form, Cross just smiled, rocked back and forth, and laughed, making her way out of a Garga-No-Escape and hitting LeRae with a rope-hung spinning neckbreaker for the win.

What did you think? Do we have enough time to hype up Tables, Ladders, and Chairs?


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