Recap and Results of WWE Raw, Smackdown, NXT – Week of Nov. 6-8

Live from Europe this week, the WWE started the build-up to Survivor Series. We got some teams picked, some matches set, and some hints at potential new feuds. It wasn’t too intense, but they were clearly trying to set the stage for one of the biggest PPV events of the year. So here’s our recap and the results of WWE Raw, SmackDown, and NXT for the week of November 6th through 8th.

Monday Night Raw – November 6th

Survivor Series Announcements

In case you missed it, Brock Lesnar regained control over the WWE Universal Title at Crown Jewel, mostly due to an interference by Baron Corbin. On Raw this week, Corbin tried to get everybody focused on Survivor Series, making a few announcements while the whole WWE locker room stood onstage. The Constable said that he himself would be captain of the Raw men’s team, even though he couldn’t actually compete. The rest of the men’s team will include Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, and Braun Strowman.

He also announced that the Raw women’s team will be captained by Alexa Bliss who let everyone know she was going to be watching their matches very closely. She pit Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Natalya against the Riott Squad in a match for tonight.

But Kurt Angle’s music hit and he appeared to argue that he should captain the men’s team instead… and he’d fight Corbin for it tonight. Challenge accepted. But before Bliss could finish her announcement, Strowman stormed out and beat down Corbin’s security guys in pursuit of the man who cost him the title. Corbin ran backstage and The Monster tried to fight his way through everyone to get at him.

Later we saw Corbin take off in a car, saying that McIntyre would take his place in the match against Angle.

Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Natalya vs. the Riott Squad ends in a no-contest. There was no real winner in this six-woman tag match. The heels targeted Bayley for a while until she could tag in Natalya, who’d arrived to the ring wearing the sunglasses of her late father, Jim Neidhart. As she locked the Sharpshooter on Sarah Logan, Ruby Riott broke the precious glasses in half. The Riott Squad fled, leaving a crying Natalya to be consoled by her teammates. Weird.

Apollo Crews defeated Jinder Mahal. Before the match, Crews said he was ready to add more victories to his resume of moral victories. Though Mahal controlled for a while, Crews grabbed the win with a standing moonsault.

The Authors of Pain defeated Seth Rollins (and an absent Dean Ambrose) for the Raw Tag Team Titles. Well, this sorts out the problem of having two feuding partners hold the title together. Rollins came to the ring with both Tag Team Title belts ready to give them up, what with Ambrose still not talking and all. Corbin wouldn’t allow it, however, and forced them (him) to defend the title against AoP. Rollins tried his best, almost getting the win with a pair of Superkicks, but at the end of the day, this was a handicap match. AoP got the win with an assisted powerbomb.

Afterward, Ambrose appeared, saying, “You wanna know why I did what I did?” Then he hit a tired Rollins with a Dirty Deeds and walked off. Still no answers.

Elias defeated Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler cut a promo to say he’s still the best in the world, despite his loss to Shane McMahon at Crown Jewel. Elias interrupted to troll the heel, sing a song, and agree to a match with Ziggler. He picked up the win with a Drift Away to the delight of the British crowd.

Ronda Rousey sends a message to Lynch. Rousey came out to respond to Lynch’s threat to rip her arm off at Survivor Series. The Baddest Woman on the Planet called this “cute” and acknowledged Lynch’s perseverance and great match at Evolution. Rousey said that Lynch has her respect, but not to mistake that respect for weakness. She reminded Lynch that she’s been working at this sport – professional wrestling, the Olympics, MMA – her whole life, while Lynch has been doing all sorts of other stuff, like clown college and working as a flight attendant. Rousey says it’ll take more than a new attitude to beat her because she’s a natural born killer and she wants a challenge… so in two weeks, Becky better bring everything she’s got: “You may be the man, but I am the baddest b*tch on the planet!”

Nia Jax defeated Ember Moon. Rousey’s promo transitioned into a message from Nia Jax who entered the ring prior to her match with Ember Moon. Jax said, “After Survivor Series, after you make Becky Lynch tap out, just know, I’ll be waiting for you, champ.”

Then she got the win over Moon with a Samoan Drop. After the bell, Tamina Snuka came out and helped her beat down on Moon some more. So basically, Jax is officially a heel (and she has an alliance with Snuka).

Bobby Lashley defeated Finn Balor. Lashley used a gut-wrech suplex and facebuster to get the pin (along with some help from the annoying distraction that is Lio Rush). Drew McIntyre showed up and helped Balor stand, only to hit him with a Claymore.

Drew McIntyre defeated Kurt Angle. The older Angle tried to attack early but Drew McIntyre totally overwhelmed him, though he did sneak in an Angle Slam during the match. McIntyre yelled at him, calling him an embarrassment, but Angle managed to get him with the Ankle Lock. The Scotsman regained control and rubbed salt in the wound with an Angle Slam of his own, ending the match by using an ankle lock, forcing Angle to tap out to his own move. Looks like Corbin will stay the Raw men’s captain at Survivor Series…

SmackDown – November 7th

Miz and Daniel Bryan named co-captains of the Men’s Team.

Shane McMahon opened the show to boos from the Manchester crowd. He and Paige gave us a rundown of the matches we can expect at Survivor Series and hyped the blue brand before introducing Daniel Bryan as the men’s captain. Bryan gratefully accepted the honor but the Miz promptly interrupted, shocked that he wasn’t selected and kissing up to McMahon. Miz pled his case and they relented, naming the two rivals as co-captains of the SmackDown men’s team.

The Usos defeated The New Day.

This fast-paced match was set up to decide who would captain the blue brand’s side of things at the Survivor Series tag team match. The Bar watched the dramatic bout backstage as we got a few near pins. The end came when Jimmy Uso hit Kofi Kingston with an intense powerbomb from the second rope followed by splash from the top to get the pin. After the bell, The Usos announced that “real recognizes real” and they selected The New Day as their first pick to represent SmackDown on their team. Everybody shook hands as The New Day accepted. It was a nice moment.

Becky Lynch responds to Rousey.

Lynch asked Rousey who the hell she is to tell the champ anything, saying that Rousey isn’t a real champ because she hasn’t even been tested yet. She acknowledged all the odd jobs that Rousey poked fun at, saying she wasn’t hand-picked like Rousey and she wasn’t meant to be champ, yet here she is… And Lynch isn’t after Rousey’s respect, she’s after her arm. Rousey might be the baddest b*tch on the planet, but Lynch is gonna make Rousey hers at Survivor Series. After getting herself all worked up, the Irishwoman felt like fighting and issued an open challenge to the locker room.

Becky Lynch defeated Nikki Cross.

On this NXT star’s debut, things opened up curiously with the lights going out and Sanity showing up. Then Nikki Cross appeared and entered the ring with her usual crazy, grabbing the mic and saying, “I’ll play with you, Becky. You want to play? Play with Nikki. Let’s play!” It was a great match that showed Cross can hang with the SmackDown crew. Cross trapped the champ in the apron and unleashed several punches to the chest, hit a cross-body from the top rope, and got a couple near-falls. Lynch kicked out and rallied back – as we knew she would – hitting a Dis-Arm-Her for the submission win.

Rey Mysterio defeated Andrew “Cien” Almas. To prove he was good enough to represent SmackDown on the Survivor Series team, Mysterio had to impress Miz in this match. He did that and more, getting the pin with his signature 619 and a springboard splash from up top. Afterward, Randy Orton showed up and hit Mysterio with an RKO… for no reason? Miz denied sending Orton and allowed Mysterio onto the team.

Paige announced the Women’s Team for Survivor Series.

The GM released the names of the women’s team and it includes Carmella, Asuka, Naomi, Sonya Deville, and Charlotte Flair… but The Queen never came out and never responded to Paige’s offer to be captain last week. Instead Mandy Rose showed up, annoyed that Deville was picked over her, but Paige quickly shut down the idea that Rose would be replacing anybody. Rose insulted the other women and came close to fighting Naomi. Deville broke things up and despite the crowd obviously wanting to see some blows exchanged, Rose walked off.

Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Hardy. Looking for a spot on the SmackDown men’s team, these two choices by Bryan (Hardy) and Miz (Joe) went at it in the ring. The more agile Hardy controlled early on but a missed Swanton Bomb set him up for the Coquina Clutch by Joe. Hardy tapped out to give the heels a win and a spot on the team. Joe began to celebrate a little too close to Bryan’s face and Bryan attacked. He initiated the Yes! Lock before Miz could stop things from escalating. Shane McMahon joined in on the action and caught a judo toss from Bryan who then stormed off to end Tuesday’s show.

NXT – November 8th

Heavy Machinery defeated the Forgotten Sons. The Forgotten Sons started this one by isolating Tucker Knight and targeting his arm before he could make the tag to Otis Dozovic. Once his partner was in, however, he hit a corner splash and an elbow drop to turn things around and power through an assault by the heels. He tagged in Knight, who was instantly overpowered again, but Dozovic broke up a pin and eventually got the win with a pop-up powerslam to Wesley Blake.

Dakota Kai defeated Taynara Conti. We hadn’t seen Kai in a while and though the Brazilian judo star dominated at first, the Kiwi came back using her trademark kicks. She later took advantage when Conti went headfirst into the corner, hitting her with a sunset backstabber (aka the “Kai-ropractor) for the pin.

Johnny Gargano reveals what he did. Gargano cut a promo walking in the dark. He explained why he attacked Aleister Black: You see, Gargano was on a path, a path to beat Tomasso Ciampa for the NXT Title, and Black got in the way – he was just collateral damage. Gargano said he’s the good guy, the hero, and this was just one little evil thing. He said he’s the same guy he’s always has been, fighting for what’s right, but sometimes, you gotta fight a little dirty… Gargano knows Black wants to hurt him and he’s not afraid. He’s living in a dark place right now and he’s not afraid of the dark anymore. He closed by threatening to do the same to Black at WarGames.

Lars Sullivan defeated The Velveteen Dream. The Dream did a good job escaping Sullivan’s violence early on. As the Freak went for a diving headbutt, he caught him with a superkick and then climbed to the top rope to set up the Purple Rainmaker. At that moment, his future opponent, Tomasso Ciampa, appeared, so the Dream dove on top of him instead. As The Dream went to re-enter the ring, he was hit with the Freak Accident for the pin. After the bell, Ciampa attacked The Dream, but the squirmish ended with The Dream holding the title belt in the center of the ring.

What do you think? Do we have enough time to hype up Survivor Series?


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