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Searching for Grammy Award Tickets

Since beginning in 1959, the Grammy Awards has evolved into one of the most popular annual worldwide spectacles. Featuring a long list of performances by the biggest stars in music, attending the Grammy’s is a must for any music fan. However, because of high demand, it is also one of the most difficult tickets to find on the secondary market.  

Can I Buy a Grammy Ticket Online?

The answer isn’t easy to find.

Trying to find where to purchase Grammy Award tickets can be difficult and frustrating. While searching online, you will find numerous articles insisting the lack of Grammy tickets availability to the public.

According to these articles, all attendees need to be nominated for an award, work in the music industry, be invited by a someone in the industry, or have won a contest.

Not very reassuring.

However, when you think about the award show, you begin to question how there are so many people in attendance. Are that many people in the music industry? Or did that many people win contests? It doesn’t add up.

This reasoning leads us to the other side of the spectrum.

Most secondary marketplaces promote selling Grammy tickets.

When you go on any marketplace’s Grammy Award event page, you see notifications stating “NO GRAMMY NOMINATION CONCERT EVENTS.” Although this notice appears damning, don’t be discouraged.

With the Grammy’s being held in a different city and venue — New York City’s Madison Square Garden — and since the event is not until Jan. 28, 2018, seating charts have yet to be publicly released.

If you’re trying to score some Grammy tickets, the best recommendation is to wait. It is hard to determine when tickets will be released, but as soon as information is public, all marketplace event pages will be updated with tickets. Ticket variety may be limited, but there will be options to attend music’s biggest night.

The answer to your question is yes. Grammy tickets are available to the public, but at a limited capacity — so be sure to stay on top of all news Grammy’s.

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