Steely Dan at the Beacon Theatre

Steely Dan @ The Beacon Theatre | Steely Dan’s 8-Night Run at the Beacon

The legendary Steely Dan, former studio-recluses who refused to go touring unless the gazillion-dollar-an-hour studio musicians they recorded with toured with them, are returning to the famous Beacon theatre for another 8-night run of album and greatest hits inspired shows.

Steely Dan’s Schedule of Concerts at the Beacon Theatre

Like usual, each show will have a different theme. Here’s how the schedule breaks down this time around:

Oct. 6th – Aja & Select Hits

I personally consider Aja to be Steely Dan’s greatest album. It’s where their funky improvisations and catchy lyrics came together the best.

Oct. 7th – Greatest Hits

It’s not clear if this means their ‘Greatest Hits’ album from 1978 or their overall greatest hits as decided by chart numbers. My guess is the latter, but with this group, you never know. It could very well be what they personally consider to be their greatest hits, general popularity be damned.

Oct. 9th – Gaucho & Select Hits

Reviewed as the best album of 1980 by The New York Times, Gaucho best represents the Dan’s penchant for musical perfectionism, spending over a year and working with 42 different musicians to create the album.

This is the concert I went to go see last year, and it was a blast.

“One of these nights, you’re going to throw a party, and when the party’s over, you’re gonna want to pour yourself a little drink, but you’re not going to go for that top shelf liquour. No, you’re gonna reach down to the bottom cupboard, all the way in the back corner, there will be this dusty bottle of something you picked up in Tijuana, and on its side it has this gold lettering on it, and you know that gold lettering can say only one thing. You know what it says. Now, what’s the name of that dusty old bottle you’re going to pour yourself a drink from?”
– Walter Beckett

“The Cuervo Gold!”
– The crowd

Oct 10th – The Royal Scam & Select Hits

While not as highly rated as Gaucho or Aja when it came out, The Royal Scam has since gained a following with long-time fans of the band.

Oct. 13th – Aja & Select Hits

Again. Told you it was their best album.

Oct. 14th – Greatest Hits

See above.

Oct. 16th – By Popular Demand

Not sure what separates this from their ‘Greatest Hits’ night.

Oct. 17th – The Most Unforgettable Night of Whatever

Now I’m as confused as I am when I try to figure out what their song lyrics mean.

On what night can I get the best deal on tickets?

The answer to this question is subject to change, but generally, you can expect the ones towards the middle of the series or on a weeknight to be the cheapest.

That said, here is my recommendations on how to get the cheapest tickets possible. Keep in mind, this only works if you’re okay with possibly not going to the show – if you’re definitely going and don’t want to deal with any hassle before the concert, skip this and go straight to our Steely Dan tickets page.

I’ve worked in the industry for over a year now, and I’ve come to know a little bit about how things work. Here’s how I’ll be buying my tickets:

1.) Every week or so, check in on ticket prices. This is super easy to do if you have the app. Over time, this will give you a sense of what shows are trending towards the cheapest.

2.) Pick 2-3 shows based on your preferences and prices. These will be the ones you’ll focus on going forward.

3.) The day of the show, keep an eye on ticket prices. After work, go out for a drink at a bar near the Beacon theater. It’s the upper west side – you won’t have any problems finding a decent bar or restaurant to hole up in for a few hours before the show. You should see prices going down the entire time. Downloading the app is necessary for this step. They might bounce up once, but there should be a steady decline throughout the day. Start to eye what tickets you might be interested in. If any great deals pop up, snag them.

4.) This is where things start to really happen. 10 minutes before the show, ticket prices should have fallen like a stone. If you don’t see anything you like right now, you won’t. Finish your beer and go out to dinner. If, on the other hand, you see a pair of tickets you’re interested in buying, use the app to buy them, and walk over to the FedEx printing center on 72nd between Broadway and West End Ave. (221 W 72nd St). Print the tickets out (it’ll cost up to $3 to do this), and walk two and a half blocks to the Beacon theatre.

Just this weekend, I did this for an event at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. I hung out at The Gin Mill over on 81st with some friends, checking prices the whole time. A half hour before the show, we strolled down to the FedEx on 72nd, bought the cheapest tickets available, and then took a cab to the Apollo Theater. The cab ride and printing cost $20 between the four of us, and we saved $30 each off the price of our tickets (these were only $40 tickets (down from $70), so the savings are likely to be more substantial for a Steely Dan concert).

Now, I understand that this isn’t for everyone. If waiting until the last minute isn’t your style, then here are the current prices and historical price trends so you can see which night is cheapest:

Tuesday, Oct 6th – Aja & Select Hits

Wednesday, Oct 7th – Greatest Hits

Friday, Oct 9th – Gaucho & Select Hits

Saturday, Oct 10th – The Royal Scam & Select Hits

Tuesday, Oct 13th – Aja & Select Hits

Wednesday, Oct 14th – Greatest Hits

Friday, Oct 16th – By Popular Demand

Saturday, Oct 17th – The Most Unforgettable Night of Whatever

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