Super Bowl LII Ticket Security Test | How Do I Know if My Ticket is Real?

So you’re seriously considering buying tickets to this year’s Super Bowl in Minneapolis but are a bit hesitant to secure your tickets from a secondary marketplace or other source due to horror stories you may have read regarding counterfeit tickets.  That’s completely fair and we absolutely advise any prospective Super Bowl ticket buyers to do all of the research they can in order to feel comfortable before pulling the trigger on tickets to the big game.

Once you’ve committed to the idea and decided to purchase, you’ll want to be familiar with what an official and legitimate Super Bowl ticket should look like.  We at TickPick have created this blog with the intention of providing fans out there with a few useful tips on how to ensure the Super Bowl ticket you have is authentic.

Blacklight Test

One cool (and necessary these days) feature of legitimate Super Bowl tickets is a hidden message on ALL legitimate tickets for this year’s game that are only visible while a blacklight is shone upon it.  You’ll notice from the graphic provide above that this year’s message reads “THE PATH TO VICTORY LEADS NORTH,” which as of right now the Vikings fans out there are hoping proves prophetic. We at TickPick will have a blacklight demonstration set up at our offical pickup location for this year’s Super Bowl just to let our buyers see this cool feature themselves.

Raised Lettering

This feature is pretty self-explanatory, but as all of you know by now, these Super Bowl tickets are not cheap, and as such, the NFL folks that produce them make sure to produce them on high quality ticket stock that includes raised lettering or textures that you can feel if you run your fingers over them.  If you have a person in the parking lot on the day of the game trying to sell you tickets (which we would 1000% advise against risking regardless of how good or convincing they may look) that feel flimsy or don’t have any of the following features:

  • The words “SUPER BOWL” located on the front of the ticket that are above the Lombardi Trophy logo are raised when compared to others
  • The NFL shield logo on the left of the face value on the front of the ticket will also be raised.  This also goes for the “LII” logo for this year’s Super Bowl located on the right of the face value
  • Finally, the large Lombardi Trophy logo itself has a “bumpy” sort of texture to it

Do. Not. Buy.

Official Hologram

While it’s a bit difficult to tell from the picture above, the hologram on the back of the ticket shows a picture of a few things verifying the authenticity of your ticket.  One of them depicts a football with with LII logo (the aforementioned one that’s raised and to the right of the face value on the front of the ticket). Another is the phrase “Minnesota 2018 Super Bowl LII.”  Finally, on the left-hand side of the hologram is a logo that says “Super Bowl” atop “LII” that’s below it and written sideways.

Thermal Ink

Last but not last, a feature of all legitimate Super Bowl tickets is the heat-sensitive thermal ink used on the bottom image that reads “Super Bowl LII Minnesota” below the city skyline on the back of your ticket.  If you rub your fingers over the ink (creating heat through friction), it should “disappear” for a few moments until it’ll come right back.  This may be the hardest thing of all for any fraudsters to duplicate, so we suggest trying it out for yourself just to feel secure.

Is TickPick a trustworthy site to buy Super Bowl tickets?

Absolutely, and we wouldn’t still be in business if we weren’t. Last year we sold well over a thousand Super Bowl tickets. You can see the Founder of TickPick talk about the company on Bloomberg TV. You can also see all of our press mentions here, as well as some of our reviews here.

Above all, if you’re serious about purchasing Super Bowl tickets, we would strongly advise against purchasing tickets from anywhere that isn’t a legitimate ticket site such as TickPick where you’re offered 100% guarantees that any tickets purchased will be completely legitimate.  If you’re on the fence, please refer to our guide on buying Super Bowl tickets.  Do not buy from a stranger in the parking lot, and do not pay for any tickets through any methods other than a credit or debit card, or PayPal, which protect your purchase and can get you your money back if you’re ordering from a source that you may not be familiar with.


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