Super Bowl 51 Zone Seat Chart 2017

Super Bowl 51 Seating Chart | NRG Stadium 2017

Super Bowl 51 is being held at NRG Stadium in Houston Texas. Like all Super Bowl games, the Super Bowl Seating Chart is mostly comprised of zone seating. Zone seating means that ticket holders don’t get specific seat assignments until a couple weeks or days before the game. Therefore when looking to buy Super Bowl 51 Tickets you need to be careful; that’s because when you buy zone tickets, you need to assume that your seats will be the worst seats within that zone. The good news is that here at TickPick we have No Service Fees, a 100% authentic ticket guarantee and are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have (845-538-4567).

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NRG Stadium / Super Bowl Seating Chart & Seat Views

Click here to see larger Super Bowl Seat Views, or if you want to see Super Bowl tickets available for sale, click here.


Super Bowl Seating - Zone Seats

Unfortunately some sellers don't know which tickets they are going to receive, and the "zones" differ depending where you look. This logic also applies to Super Bowl Suites in some cases.  Here we break down each Super Bowl Zone section with the most conservative approach.

Lower Premium - |105|106|107|108|125|126|127|128|

Lower Sideline - |102|103|104|109|110|111|129|130|131|122|123|124|

Lower Corner - |140|101|112|113|120|121|132|133|

Lower End Zone - |134|135|136|137|138|139|114|115|116|117|118|119|


Club Level Premium - |308|309|310|311|336|337|338|339|

Club Level Sideline - |306|307|312|313|334|335|340|341|

Club Level Corner - |301|302|303|304|305|314|315|316|317|318|329|330|331|332|333|342|343|344|345|346|

Mezzanine End Zone - |347|348|349|350|351|352|353|354|355|356|319|320|321|322|323|324|325|326|327|328|


Loge Premium - |507|508|509|533|534|535|

Loge Sideline - |504|505|506|510|511|512|530|531|532|536|537|538|

Loge Corner - |501|502|503|513|514|515|527|528|529|539|540|541|

Loge End Zone - |516|517|518|519|520|521|522|523|524|525|526|542|543|544|545|546|547|548|549|550|551|552|


Upper Premium - |607|608|609|610|633|634|635|636|

Upper Sideline - |605|606|611|612|631|632|637|638|

Upper Corner - |601|602|603|604|613|614|615|616|627|628|629|630|639|640|641|642|

Upper End Zone - 617|618|619|620|621|622|623|624|625|626|643|644|645|646|647|648|649|650|651|652|717|718|719|720|721|722|723|724|725|726|743|744|745|746|747|748|749|750|751|752|

StubHub is one the largest sellers of Super Bowl tickets, and although they do not have the cheapest Super Bowl tickets (we do!), they do set the industry standards. Therefore we thought it was important to share notes that they provided regarding the 2017 Super Bowl Seating Chart.

To make Super Bowl 51 tickets available to you as early as possible - and because sellers may not yet know the exact seat locations of their tickets - we have divided the sections of NRG Stadium into zones.

When you purchase tickets by zone, the tickets you receive may be in any one of the sections that make up the specified zone, with the row to be determined (TBD) - but they are not guaranteed to be in a specific section (or on a specific sideline). Specific seat locations for zone orders will not be made available until the time of pick-up. As always, we guarantee that your seats will be together.


Super Bowl Seating Chart Seat Numbers

The Super Bowl seat numbers follow a common stadium pattern where seat number 1 is closest to the lower number section adjacent to it. For example, seat number 1 in section 127 will be closest to section 126, and seat 18 in section 127 will be closest to section 128.
  • The 100 (Main Level) sections contain 36 rows on average, and generally has 22 seats per row.
  • The 300 sections contain 22 rows on average and generally has 22 seats per row.
  • The 500 sections contain 6 rows on average and generally has 25 seats per row.
  • The 600 sections contain 18 rows on average and generally has 26 seats per row.
  • The 700 sections contain 3 rows on average and generally has 18 seats per row.

Where are the Team Benches Located?

The New England Patriots bench is located in front of sections 105-108 and the Atlanta Falcons bench is located in front of section 125-128.

Super Bowl Seating - Obstructed Views

Unlike the past few Super Bowls, there are some tickets being sold for Super Bowl 51 that are marked obstructed or restricted view. The two main sections that contain these type of seats are in section 601 and 616. While you still may have a view of the field, there will be certain parts of the endzone that you may not be able to see. You can get a better idea of what I mean by scrolling over the sections mentioned in above on our interactive chart. You will notice in the seat view of section 601 that there is a concrete wall to the right of the section, which we believe is the reason for the restricted view notation on the tickets.

Super Bowl & NRG Stadium Seating Guide

Now that you have a better sense for how Zone seating at the Super Bowl works, you should check out our NRG Stadium Seating Chart, for a comprehensive review of the stadium for both the Super Bowl as well as the regular NFL season for the Houston Texans. The review includes seat views, seat numbers, row numbers, and tips on which are the best seats and worst seats for the Super Bowl as well as the Texans regular season.


Super Bowl Ticket Information

For more information on how to get cheap Super Bowl Tickets, check out our report on when's the best time to buy tickets or better yet, sign-up for our super bowl ticket prices updates below. And of course you can see 2017 Super Bowl tickets for sale here. Have a question? Leave it in the comments below or call us at 845-538-4567.

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    Can anyone tell me what the additional seats that were added in the 300 level are like? folding chairs? I reached out to the 49ers and the NFL and no one knew.

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