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Upcoming Album Releases | 2018

Because we love to be the bearers of good news, we’re here to let you know about some upcoming album releases in 2018 that we are very excited about. In the near future, fans will finally be treated to new offerings from Kurt Vile, Rihanna, Vampire Weekend, and more. And, keep in mind, new albums typically mean upcoming tour dates as well. So, without further adieu, here are some of the...

7 Artists Making a Comeback in 2015

Sometimes, after reaching new heights in music and stardom, artists need to take a break from production and being in the spotlight. Fans try to be understanding of everyone’s limitations, but hardly does an artist take a hiatus without receiving some disappointment from their supporters. It’s been radio silence from a few of our favorite musicians, but this year, we can expect to see...

Duran Duran Announces Tour & New Album | Duran Duran Tour Dates

Most bands tour after they put out an album. Not Duran Duran. The band is slated to drop their 14th album, Paper Gods, this September, but has made plans to hit a few venues in June and August before ramping up for a fuller tour in September and October. November will see them hopping across the pond to perform at various cities in Europe. Check out the complete list of North American tour dates...


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