Become a TickPick SmartFan. Earn Points. Win Cool Prizes.

We’ve got some exciting news around here. TickPick just launched our new rewards program for loyal customers. About time, right? It’s called SmartFan and you can sign up now and participate to win tickets, packages, and store credits as prizes for spreading the word about us. All you’ve got to do is sign up and share your good times on social media and tag TickPick. And we’ve got some pretty great prizes lined up!

Here’s How It Works

We wanted to reward those of you who love TickPick, use it often, and share their experiences at games, concerts, and shows with friends and family. Tag us when you buy tickets, tailgate, head out to the baseball field, or hit a music festival. We want to see it!

You’ll get points for sharing pics, tweets, and posts on social media. The more you tag TickPick, the more points you’ll get, and the better your chances to win awesome prizes from us!

But that’s not the only way you can earn points. Aside from sharing your own stuff, you can also share TickPick news and info – like our blog posts, events, and contests – to rack up points. Once you share, we’ll track traffic and interaction so the more people who take action (including likes and retweets), the more points you’ll receive. You can get even more points by sharing our SmartFan rewards program with friends!

Basically, we want to get the word out about TickPick and we want to reward you for helping us do it!

Don’t worry, we’ll do all the heavy lifting like scoring, tracking, and point tallying. Hey, you were going to share your awesome day out on social media anyway, right? Why not get something for it?

TickPick SmartFan Rewards Prizes

So How Do I Sign Up?

We thought you’d never ask! Start by visiting our SmartFan page and connecting your Facebook or Twitter account. Here’s how to do it:

Click on the social network you’d like to connect and authorize the app. Make sure your details and email address are correct and hit continue. You’ll get 100 points just for signing up!

You can choose more of your social network accounts to connect if you want – Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr – and you’ll get 50 points for each! Then you can choose to follow TickPick on our social media channels and get 50 more points for each! (Aw, thanks guys!)

After that, you’re in! You’ll be directed to your SmartFan Dashboard where you can see all the ways to earn points, complete with simple instructions on how to do it. Plus, we’ve included our recent blog posts, videos, prizes, and challenges on the page for easy access. You can even post updates to Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr from your Dashboard. We’ve made it super intuitive.

That’s it! Go ahead and start earning points to win prizes!

TickPick SmartFan Rewards Prizes

We’ll have a leaderboard where you can see how many points you have. It updates a few times an hour, so don’t panic if you don’t see yours right away! We’ve got it under control.

One more thing. You can get your photos onto The SmartFan Pic Wall when you tag us! Just use all three hashtags – #SmartFan #TickPick #Promo – and we’ll pop them up on the site. Make sure your Twitter or Insta is public!

Need more details? Got questions? Check out the FAQ section on our SmartFan page.

What Sort of Prizes Can I Win?

Lots. We’re still brainstorming ideas for the future, but we’re thinking tickets, cool packages, and of course, credits you can use to buy whatever you want on TickPick.

Right now – July 15th through August 15th – the grand prize is two MLB tickets of your choice – up to a $200 value – so that you can get some great seats and take a friend (or like, your dad) out to a ball game. Our second place winner gets two free MLB tickets too, just limited to $150.

But the best news? You don’t have to come in first or second place to win prizes. Third place gets you a $100 credit to spend on TickPick. Not a big MLB fan? You can buy tix to games, concerts, shows, and festivals with it – whatever you want! Winners number four through six get a $50 credit. And even if you come in seventh through tenth place, you’ll still get a $25 credit – hey, if you check out TickPick’s selection, you could even snag two MLB tickets with that!

We’ll unveil the next set of prizes in August, so check back to see what you can win!

For now, sign up and start sharing!

Seriously, sign up to become a SmartFan today and hurry to get on our Leaderboard!


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