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Tyler, the Creator’s New Album Flower Boy Drops This Month

Last week, Tyler, the Creator ended his music hiatus and dropped two new singles, “Who Dat Boy” and “911/Mr. Lonely“. The new material, his first since 2015’s Cherry Bomb, ignited Tyler fans. The tracks are not only reminiscent of Tyler’s strange, darkly provocative antics, but with assistance from A$AP Rocky and Frank Ocean, “Who Dat Boy” and “911/Mr. Lonely” are arguably the most impressive offerings we’ve seen from the Odd Future leader.

In typical Tyler, the Creator fashion, “Who Dat Boy” was accompanied with some twisted visuals, the aesthetic unsurprising considering the music videos of Tyler’s past. The video, directed by his alter go Wolf Haley, features Tyler, the Creator getting his face blown off and doctored by A$AP Rocky as they trade frightening bars with one another. You can check out the music video for “Who Dat Boy” below.

In the laid back “911/Mr. Lonely”, Tyler’s woes range from lost loves to loneliness, with smooth touches from former Odd Future member Frank Ocean. The drastic difference between these two singles lead us to believe that Tyler, the Creator’s next album will be expansive in style, content, and mood, encompassing both the dark and confessional qualities of Tyler’s music.

Earlier today (July 6th), Tyler announced the official release date for his upcoming album Scum Fuck Flower BoyThe Cherry Bomb follow-up will arrive July 21st via Columbia. Not only did he give fans a release date, Tyler shared the track list and album artwork for Scum Fuck Flower Boy as well. There are two covers, one done by Eric White and another by Tyler himself. Check out the artwork + album track list below.

In addition to the already released songs, there will be several features on Tyler, the Creator’s new album Scum Fuck Flower Boy, according to credits listed on iTunes. Frank is credited a second time on “Where This Flower Blooms,” while Lil Wayne is listed on “Dropping Seeds” and Estelle is on “Garden Shred.” Members of seminal experimental band Can (Michael Karoli, Jaki Liebezeit, Irmin Schmidt, Damo Suzuki) are listed as contributors on “Foreword.”

Tyler, the Creator has been very busy since 2015’s Cherry Bomb. From his music making documentary, to creating TV shows for both Viceland and Adult Swim, it’s a miracle Tyler has found any time at all for music. Scum Fuck Flower Boy is due out July 21st. Shortly after, you can catch Tyler’s new show Nuts + Boltswhich will feature appearances by Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.


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