Vivid seats legitimate or scam

Vivid Seats Review – Yes It’s Legit

Asking if Vivid Seats is Legit, is like asking if Stubhub is legit.

When looking to buy sports, concert, or theater tickets, it’s hard to find an honest company, with a solid guarantee, a good reputation, excellent customer support, and cheap ticket prices. To be clear Vivid Seats, is a real, legitimate business that does hundreds of millions of dollars in ticket sales each year.


Vivid Seats Reviews

If you search for reviews of VividSeats, you will come across quite a few customers complaining. Most complaints are about something that is not within VividSeats’ control: for example, if a seller ships e-ticket printouts instead of hard tickets. Many sellers do this to protect themselves, and the customer from fraud, as this eliminates the chances of tickets getting copied numerous times.

When comparing Vividseats versus Stubhub (in my humble opinion), I would typically choose Stubhub, but things are starting to change. Over the last 2 years Stubhub has worked hard to improve their ticket replacement policy. What does this mean? Well when you buy tickets on any ticket site, it’s actually possible that those tickets aren’t really available (this typically occurs when two buyers, buy the same tickets on two different sites within minutes or seconds of each other). Stubhub has created an industry standard of trying to find similar tickets at no cost to the buyer. Of course this doesn’t always happen as sellers sometimes make BIG mistakes such as listing Super Bowl tickets for the wrong price, which then leaves Stubhub in a place where they will cancel the order. Currently I am not aware what Vivid Seats does, if replacement tickets are needed, but in the past, most ticket sites would cancel your order and ask you to look for other tickets.


Vivid Seats Ticket Prices

Ticket prices on VividSeats are an interesting thing. While Vivid Seats certainly has some things going for it, ticket prices are one of the trickier topics. VividSeats has roughly the same fees as Stubhub does. Stubhub charges sellers between 10% and 15% and buyers 10%, for a total of 20 to 25%. VividSeats charges anywhere between 15% and 24%. Stubhub fees are now shown all within the ticket listing price, while Vivid Seats doesn’t show you the final ticket price until the checkout. To combat the high fees, Vividseats has done a good job working with ticket brokers to receive lower ticket prices, or discounts verses the prices that the same broker provides Stubhub. VividSeats also offers many different rewards and discounts, mostly for loyal customers (learn more about VividSeats coupon codes).


Stubhub and Vivid Seats Alternatives

Unlike Stubhub and Vivid Seats, TickPick charges no additional fees, the price that you see is the price that you pay. Sellers are charged 10% and buyers 0%. TickPick’s ticket prices were the lowest price on more than 90% of the tickets that we searched and compared. With TickPick, you get cheap tickets without any of the fees or hidden service charges all with a great customer support team that is available 24/7 via email and 9am to 9pm by phone. If you have any questions or need help buying tickets don’t hesitate to comment below or shoot us an email at support at

Now you know TickPick is a great alternative (without any fees) for sports, concerts, and theater tickets!

Disclaimer: Please note that VividSeats and our company TickPick are competitors.

  • Roger

    Bought 5 tickets for an event from them. After applying my credit card, the system showed total cost WAY OVER. They charged me $25/ticket extra and Overnight fees. After talking to customer service they gave me some refund back. Today I got my tickets, I thought i am buying “center” tickets for $100/each, I got “SIDE center” valued at $45/each, but they charged me $100/each. Oh by the way there are many seats available at $45 that I can buy! WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • shaunnie pazos

    I just recently bought two tickets for a Drake concert. I’m worried because on the tickets (that I got in my email) it says 7:00 PM but online it says the show starts at 6:30 PM. Did I just buy fake tickets?

  • Mark-Tammie Joanette

    Part of their scam is to have their employees write good reviews. I’m telling you, they have their ducks in a row!!

  • Mark-Tammie Joanette

    BEWARE! ! Vivid seats is a huge ponzie scheme. I’m surprised that the government has not yet stepped in. They have their ducks in a row when it comes to refunds and credit card disputes. When you click submit you are agreeing to their ” terms and conditions ” which include, hidden fees, fraudulent tickets, undelivered tickets, cancelled shows. Have A+ rating on BBB site because they respond with the same message . BBB rating is not based on complaints but rather on a response from them. I’ve done my reasearch on this company ever since they stole $632.00 from me. Making it my mission to out this company! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM VIVID SEATS AND PLEASE HELP OUT THEM.

  • Mike Duran

    I had a nearly identical experience with Stubhub – Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs. At least not from Australia to NY, just San Antonio to Dallas. Got to arena and tickets were invalid. Stubhub tried to make it right by emailing us nearly as good replacement tickets. We didn’t realize it until we tried to use the replacement tickets that they had sent us ONE ticket and one parking pass. DOH! We called them but by this time the game had started and they said they couldn’t do anything after the event had started. Fortunately we encountered a really sympathetic person at the ticket counter who printed us out the tickets that Stubhub had promised based on the email and we finally got in in the 2nd quarter.

  • Rob

    Same thing happened to me as all the other posts. Two tickets for $85, and they don’t show you the total until you’ve paid for them, and it will be more than twice as much as it should be. Scammers.

  • Damaris Puente

    Hey guys ..I bought the wrong tickets for the wrong concert can i refund my vivid
    ticket ? 😭😭😭😭 what can i do ??

  • Fieldcrest

    I purchased tix through Vivid Seats – the opening screen to the concert venue showed the diagram of the auditorium and how much the tickets were for each section – I bought 2 tickets listed as $85 tickets. I then went through the purchase screens – name, credit card #, etc. etc – the last few clicks were quick. I though I had bought two $85 tickets (I assumed there would be tax, shipping etc). After the transaction was past the “verify and buy” screen, the very last screen I clicked on said $485. It went by so fast, that I thought “surely I imagined that” –

    the e-mail receipt I got was very detailed (date, section, event, etc), except the price did not appear on it. The next e-mail confirmation, ditto – confirmation of the event, but no price. I then sent an e-mail to the company asking “How much did I pay for these tickets?” – and they e-mailed me a link – still not price, but more “clicks” – I finally got to the confirmation that the two $85 tickets had cost me $485!!!!!!!!!! You can’t telll me that was an accident – sorry, the tickets go back and I am not paying –

    • Clare

      same thing here. The site didn’t show me the breakdown and the review process is a scam. They are deceiving customers!!!! And bad customer service, who was telling me final sale. They can’t cancel the transaction.

  • stephanie

    are they still real if I am supposed to expect them to come the day before the concert through email delivery? I’m a bit skeptical of receiving them the day before. (twenty øne piløts)

  • Bryan

    Horrible Horrible Horrible business and customer service

    I purchased from vivid seats tickets to an event for 1200/ticket. The listing said available the next day. This was a lie. The tickets are not available until the

    day of the show and I have to find someone physically to get them from. Because they will only be available via willcall the day of the show. Totally misleading.

    Horrible business practice. I called to get my money back. They refused. ‘All sales are final.’ These people don’t care about making customers satisfied at all.

    Not having learned my lesson, I placed another order with vivid seats for another show. This time 600/ticket. I specifically chose this listing because they

    tickets again were to be available and shipped the next business day. 1 week following purchase no tickets. I finally get a notification and tracking number that

    the tickets are shipping with overnight delivery for the next day. The tickets require a signature. I made arangements to be home to receive these tickets as they

    were to be over nighted. No tickets. Another week goes by and another tracking number and shipping label has been created for overnight shipping. Again I made

    arangements to be home from work to sign for the tickets. AGAIN no tickets.

    I spent over an hour on hold trying to speak to someone who could help me with this issue. My concern was that I didnt want this to happen again. I spoke with

    Mika, the ‘highest level manager’ available at vivid seats that I could speak with. Her solution was to offer me the same tracking number I already had. I also

    spoke to Jamila T before Mika. Both horrible customer service representitives. Mika refused to share her managers name or contact information. She refused to

    share her extension.

    If vivid seats wants to run a reputable business with solid customer service, this is not how it’s done.

  • Travis Lawrence

    It is????

    When purchasing multiple tickets, they never give you the total until after it has gone through. It always says “2 Tickets $200” for an example. Once you push through and accept the order, you get a screen saying “2 Tickets $500.” The “customer service” told me that it does notify me, yet if you read reviews online by other frustrated experiences, they detail the exact same occurrence.

    They are unable to refund your money even just seconds after the transaction. I reached out to customer service to see if they could assist me with this misconception. When not responding with an automated paragraph response, they were very sharp and brief at saying they wouldn’t do anything.

    This is not customer service, this is not service.

    This is a total scam!

    • Rob

      I agree. Had the same thing happen to me.

  • Karen Schatz Wolff

    I agree with this second hand ticket crap so is vivid like an eBay place it’s a joke ticket prices are so high and now I can’t go to convert how do I sell tickets at face value when all I have is a piece of paper with no value typed on it!! It’s awful

  • Jon Tori

    Definitely never using Vivid Seats again. Saved so much money by using – thank you!

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