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Bruce Springsteen Seating Guide Walter Kerr

The Walter Kerr Theatre, located at 219 West 48th Street, will be the host of Bruce Springsteen’s residency that was recently extended until December 15, 2018.

It is one of the most intimate theatres on Broadway, with a capacity of approximately 975. With a venue this small, there isn’t necessarily a bad seat in the house, but not all seats are created equal. Before you buy your Bruce Springsteen tickets, it is important to educate yourself on the seating layout at the Walter Kerr Theatre. Below you will find everything you need to know including row and seat numbers, seat views, obstructed views, best and worst seats and more.

Walter Kerr Theatre Seating Chart

Walter Kerr Theatre Seat Numbers

Orchestra Seating at Walter Kerr Theater

Typically, you want to avoid the first couple rows at Broadway theatres because of the height of the stage, but that isn’t the case at the Walter Kerr Theatre. Row A will be the best seats in the house for Bruce, but the typical ‘best theatre seats’ in rows E-L are still going to provide a fantastic view of the performance.

If you are looking at tickets in the Center Orchestra or Center Mezzanine sections, the seat numbers are not nearly as important as if you are looking at the Side Orchestra sections. Unfortunately the box office doesn’t label their tickets with great detail. They either say Center Orchestra or Orchestra. This can sometimes be misleading. If you buy tickets that say “Orchestra,” that means they will be on the side. If you only want to be in the center, make sure you are only looking at tickets that are labelled Center Orchestra!

Therefore, as a rule of thumb if you are buying tickets on the side sections, I only recommend buying tickets where the seller discloses the seat numbers. While tickets that don’t include notes or seat numbers will often be listed for less money, I suggest that you assume that those seats are the least favorable seats in the row (if you are fine with the price and location, buy them ASAP).

Mezzanine Seating at Walter Kerr Theatre

Some frequent theater attendees will tell you that they prefer the first row in the Mezzanine to seats down in the orchestra level. That may hold true for WKT since the venue is intimate and Mezzanine level overhangs at Orchestra row H-J. Our customers have not complained about the height of the railing in this level being too high, as it can be in other venues. And also unlike many Broadway theaters, the very sides of the Mezzanine are not obstructed and could prove to be the best valued tickets for Bruce Springsteen.

Balcony Seating at Walter Kerr Theatre

The balcony seating is the least desirable option at the Walter Kerry Theatre. One review of these seats noted that, “it is not a balcony, but rather the catwalk for the spotlights”. That is probably a bit harsh. However, because of the lighting fixture surrounding the balcony, other theatre goers have noted that you do need to lean forward a bit to get a full view of the stage.

balcony seating at walter kerr theatre

You can see from the image above that this view is partially obstructed. It should be noted on the tickets as such, but we will confirm this once there is more information available during the onsale for Bruce Springsteen.

There is an incline from row A to row B in the balcony, so you shouldn’t have trouble viewing the stage in row B as long you don’t have someone tall in the seat in front of you.

Walter Kerr Theatre 3d Seating Chart

Walter Kerr Theatre 3d Seating

This (blurry) image give you an idea of the distance and slope of the orchestra, mezzanine and balcony sections at the Walter Kerr Theatre. Because of the tight seating, the slope is fairly steep in the mezzanine sections.

Balcony height Walter kerr Theatre

This picture helps do it justice, as well as illustrate the height of the balcony section.

Walter Kerr Theatre Leg Room

With intimate theatres comes tight seating, even for those of average height and width. The aisle seats will afford the most legroom, but if you can’t get your hands on a set of those the orchestra does have a bit more legroom than the mezzanine.

Helpful Extras

Bruce Springsteen is not doing the conventional 8 performance week that is expected on Broadway. He is only doing 5 shows per week: Tuesday through Saturday at 8PM. There are some exceptions to this since the show has already planned a few extra dark days through the extension so make sure to check the schedule before you take a day off to see the show.


Another important thing to note is that Springsteen on Broadway has decided to follow in the tradition of having a lottery for each performance. The digital lottery allows you to enter online to win up to 2 tickets for a performance. If you win each ticket is $75. You can enter the lottery for up to 5 performances and you find out if you win at noon the day before the performance. It is not guaranteed, you have no idea where you will be seated, but it can’t hurt to enter and get the cheapest ticket around for this popular show.

Where to Buy Cheap Bruce Springsteen Tickets

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