Best Time to Buy Lollapalooza Tickets

When to Buy 2017 Lollapalooza Tickets? The Answer Is..

Howdy, sorry to make this brief but we are going to just provide the facts around Lollapalooza ticket prices and when we think you should buy your tickets to the 2017 music festival.

For example below is a chart based solely on Lollapalooza tickets which were sold for the 2016 festival (as oppose to the price that sellers were asking). Scroll over the chart to get exact prices for each date.


Based on last year, you’d think that waiting would be your best move. But when trying to decide whether Lollapalooza tickets for 2017 will go up or down, we think this will be driven by single day ticket prices. We say this because many people will not go for all four days, so there will be a checks and balances on prices of the 4 day passes and the single passes. If all single day passes (which have a face value of $120) continue to resell in the $170 range, then we think it’s reasonable that the 4 day pass will continue to sell above $400. Alternatively, if prices drop enough fans may choose to just go to one to three days and pass on the four day pass.

Often for Lollapalooza, one day is much more in demand than other days, these type of factors will play into how prices fluctuate from now until the start of the festival. This year that day is Saturday, with hometown hero Chance the Rapper headlining.

If you are interested in the 4 day Lollapalooza pass, we believe current prices of $400 (minus $10 for new customers) is a reasonable price. Furthermore we really don’t expect prices to drop below $350 even if you wait till the last minute. The lowest prices ever got last year was $375, and we only had a handful of sales below $350 in 2015.

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And in case you are interested, here are sale prices for 2015 Lollapalooza tickets.

 Lollapalooza Ticket Prices


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