Woodstock 50th Anniversary | Woodstock 2019 Lineup

Woodstock, the biggest-ever American music festival that was first held in Bethel Woods, NY in 1969, is an iconic event that brought together incredible musical acts that emphasized social justice and reform. Festival co-creator Michael Lang has said, “Woodstock, in its original incarnation, was really about social change and activism.”  Lang wants this to be brought back to the forefront during this festival that will be “multi-generational” and will include some tribute performances to original acts like Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Joe Cocker, etc.

This festival hasn’t been held since 1999, when it took place in Rome, NY due to the original grounds in Bethel Woods being unavailable, and is notorious for the scary scene marred by fires set during some of the festival’s headlining performances, which left a burning image in the minds of a nationwide television audience. The lineup was something else, though, with performing acts like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, James Brown, Alanis Morissette, Metallica, DMX, Dave Matthews Band, Rage Against the Machine, Willie Nelson, and Megadeth, among many, many other notable names.

“Woodstock ’99 was just a musical experience with no social significance,” [Lang] says. “It was just a big party. With this one, we’re going back to our roots and our original intent. And this time around, we’ll have control of everything.”

This anniversary festival will be one that has been years in the making, and will be properly planned to avoid the unfortunate negative situations that occurred in ’99. One thing’s for sure, and that’s that Woodstock will feature a lineup that will rival any in music festival history as one of the best and most eclectic mix of incredibly-talented artists that will appeal to music fans both young and old. Travis Scott sharing the stage with a Jimi Hendrix hologram? Bob Dylan jamming out with Post Malone? The possibilities are truly endless.

Where can I get woodstock 2019 tickets?

As of this moment, there isn’t any official on sale date for Woodstock 2019 tickets (once this is set, organizers will be announcing specific acts, but organizer Lang has confirmed that over 40 performers have been booked across three stages, including “some big-name headliners”).

Where will woodstock take place?

This year’s anniversary event will be held at Watkins Glen International racetrack in Watkins Glen, NY. The 1,000-acre site will provide space for fans to camp in tents, park their RVs and vans, and will have “glamping” options that have become customary for other major modern festivals held in more rural landscapes like Coachella and Firefly.

who will perform at woodstock 2019?

Lang has been quotes as saying that this festival’s lineup “will be primarily contemporary talent, but the legacy acts will be represented and honored,” which can only mean that a blend of modern artists who epitomize what Woodstock had originally represented like the Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Jay-Z could be blended with legacy acts like Bruce Springsteen and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (who Lang has confirmed as trying to get to put aside their differences to play this festival).

The above artists are only speculative at this point, of course, but with the precedence that had been set by prior Woodstocks would suggest that lineups containing artists of this magnitude certainly wouldn’t be off base.

While information regarding the lineup for Woodstock is not yet public, be sure to stay tuned and refer back to this blog, as TickPick will be providing updates as they come in.

How To Get the Cheapest Woodstock Tickets

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