WWE Recap and Results of Raw, Smackdown, NXT – Week of July 30

 Things are shaping up for an interesting SummerSlam, and we got a few long-awaited surprise appearances this week. Here’s a recap of the highlights and results of WWE Raw, SmackDown, and NXT for the week of July 30th.


Well, it happened. Lesnar finally showed up. But first, we had to watch a few other things go down…


Roman Reigns talked trash about Lesnar.

Reigns reminded us he has no respect for Brock Lesnar, questioning his manhood and daring The Beast to meet him face to face. Instead he got Paul Heyman, who said that Lesnar was in fact there and would come out if he felt like it. Heyman said Lesnar would beat Reigns at SummerSlam and head back to the UFC as a two-sport champ. Reigns told him to shut up and responded that Lesnar will definitely be going back to the UFC, but as Reigns’s b*tch.


Brock Lesnar actually came out.

Backstage, Kurt Angle told Heyman that if Lesnar didn’t get out there tonight, his WWE contract would be terminated. Throughout the whole episode of Raw, they kept fans wondering if Lesnar would ever leave his dressing room. The WWE set this up well to get the crowd hating The Beast, with Lesnar saying things like he doesn’t even watch Raw and he doesn’t give a crap about the WWE universe. Heyman begged Lesnar to make an appearance in the ring, if only to save Heyman’s job.

After Constable Corbin had Reigns escorted from the building, Heyman and Angle came to the ring to sort this Lesnar thing out. The GM told everyone that Lesnar was the worst Universal Champion of all time. After some blubbering and begging by Heyman, Angle fired him anyway. Cue The Beast’s music. Yep, Lesnar finally appeared… for the first time since April. He got in Angle’s face, asking, “Do you got a problem with me?” and delivering the F5 to the GM. Heyman got a taste of the medicine too before Lesnar picked up his belt and walked off. Okay, you got us, we’re interested…

Constable Corbin defeated Finn Balor

Balor beat Corbin at Extreme Rules, but in this match, Corbin dominated. Balor looked like he was coming back after a powerbomb and a double stomp, but he missed two attempts at the Coup de Grace from the top rope as Corbin rolled away. Constable won with a pin following a quick End of Days. After the bell, he tossed Balor over the ropes and out of the ring.


Alicia Fox defeated Natalya. Rousey gets in the mix.

Alexa Bliss showed up with Fox (and the championship belt) and Ronda Rousey came out to accompany her friend Natalya for this one, building up their feud and march toward SummerSlam in the process. Fox taunted Rousey with a kick to the face, which riled her up and distracted the ref so that Bliss could get a cheap shot on Natalya. That enabled Fox to hit a startled Natalya with a big boot to get the pin. Most of the action came after the match, however, when Rousey attacked Bliss. We saw her hit some great moves before Fox came to Bliss’s aid, throwing Rousey into the walls to the screams of fans. The heels escaped quickly from an irate Rousey.

Jinder Mahal defeated Braun Strowman via count-out. After his attack last week on The Maharaja, we kinda saw this match coming. But it never really got started because Kevin Owens appeared and snatched The Monster’s Money in the Bank Briefcase. Strowman chased after Owens and the ref counted him out, reminding Strowman and everyone else that this same sort of situation could happen at SummerSlam… in which case, he’d lose his contract for real.


Seth Rollins defeated Drew McIntyre via disqualification. Dolph Ziggler interfered. Shocker. The crowd loves Rollins and it was a fun matchup. Rollins almost got the pin after hitting McIntyre with the Stomp but Ziggler jumped in and forced the DQ. Backstage, as Rollins tried to film a quick interview, the heels attacked again.

Apollo Crews defeated Akam. This was probably an attempt to build the feud between the Authors of Pain and Titus Worldwide, but it wasn’t anything to write home about.

The Revival defeated The Deleters of Worlds. This match was booked after an earlier in-ring brawl between the two teams. The B-Team provided commentary and the match ended when Wilder and Dawson got Wyatt in the Shatter Machine for the pin.


Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated The Riott Squad. Banks and Bayley now have matching gear and a strange new nickname for their tag team (the Boss n Hug Connection, is that for real?). After a back to back Banks Statement and Bayley-to-Belly Suplex, they got the pin on Liv Morgan. Despite the name, those two do look great together!

Elias and Bobby Lashley weirdness. Elias came to the ring to sing a song and brag about his album when Lashley interrupted, saying he was a big fan, and came down to watch. Elias said he knew Lashley really just wanted to sing with him, but then Elias attacked him midway through “Rockin’ Robin.” This was a bad choice, however, as Lashley ended up dominating with a suplex, forcing Elias to retreat.


SummerSlam is shaping up, the good stories continue, and we get a surprise.

Carmella and Becky Lynch have a chat. And Charlotte Flair is back!

In the ring for an interview, Becky Lynch discussed her past, her disappointments, and her excitement about SummerSlam. Enter Carmella, who appeared to have changed her tune, humbly praising Becky Lynch and talking about how she shouldn’t be tearing women down, blah, blah, blah. Cue Ellsworth’s music, which was really a distraction so Carmella could attack Lynch. As The Princess of Staten Island pulled out a chair to get down to business, Charlotte Flair ran out to save her friend, knocking Carmella around pretty good with a big boot and a suplex. The Queen is back!

As Carmella mouthed off, General Manager Paige scheduled a match between her and Charlotte for later that night with an interesting catch…


Charlotte Flair defeated Carmella for a SummerSlam appearance

The main event of the evening was a match between these two with the stipulation that if Charlotte won, she’d get a spot at SummerSlam in the Women’s Championship match. While she looked a little rusty at first, getting thrown into the timekeeper twice, The Queen was able to pull this one out, hitting a moonsault and a superkick in the process. She eventually ended things by turning Carmella’s Figure Four into a Figure Eight to get the win via submission. Looks like the SmackDown Women’s Title match at SummerSlam will now be a triple threat.

The Bar defeated The Usos

The New Day came out to watch their competition at their own announcer table. Sheamus got the pin on Jey Uso and now we know it’ll either be The Bar or The New Day taking on The Bludgeon Brothers at SummerSlam for the Tag Team Title. Afterwards, Sheamus and Cesaro stayed in the ring for a little trash talk with The New Day before the winning duo backed away from the ring, fists held high (but maybe a little scared of the three-on-two situation).


Randy Orton continues to wreck Jeff Hardy. After last week’s vicious attack, Hardy reminded everybody that he wants his belt back and then called out Orton who quickly obliged. But it was Shinsuke Nakamura who attacked first, blindsiding Hardy. Then a pretty evil-looking Orton intimidated Nakamura away so he could begin his on personal beatdown. Hit hit Hardy with a few stomps and a DDT before he threw him on the table and wiped off his face paint… according to Orton, that’s symbolic for erasing him off the map.


More Drama with Daniel Bryan and The Miz. Bryan came to the ring to tell everybody he would destroy The Miz and then challenging his foe to come out and fight. Miz, however, just appeared on the big screen, calling Bryan unmemorable, a coward, and a crybaby. The Miz basically refused his challenge to a match at SummerSlam, instead ignoring him and displaying a bunch of crying babies as a demonstration of what people see when they see Bryan.

Samoa Joe threatened AJ Styles. Joe called an absent Styles out for being a bad husband and father and says he’s gonna send him back home to spend more time with his family… after he takes the WWE Title from him.

Zelina Vega defeated Lana. There were some distractions in the form of Andrade “Cien” Almas and Aiden English, but Vega still pulled off the win with some borrowed moves from Almas and a quick roll-up. Not bad for her first in-ring appearance in the WWE.


Heavy Machinery defeated The Mighty. The night began with these rival teams facing off. An appearance by The Street Profits distracted The Mighty and Heavy Machinery got the win off of The Compactor. Guess we know who The Mighty will be feuding with now…

Mustache Mountain defeated State Line. Two weeks after losing the Tag Team Championship, Mustache Mountain double-teamed Matt Knox to get the pin in this match. More importantly, however, the winners then challenged Undisputed Era for the title at TakeOver: Brooklyn. The champions responded that they’re not phased in the slightest and they plan to rip Trent Seven’s injured leg right off.

Tommaso Ciampa taunted NXT grandma fan.

Amidst boos from the crowd, Ciampa bragged about being the NXT Champion and told everyone it was his NXT now. He then continued his trash talking to the same elderly fan he met five months ago. Aleister Black’s music came on, but Johnny Gargano ran right past him to attack Ciampa first (he’s still angry and obsessed remember?). Gargano got on the mic and yelled about how Ciampa is only champion because of him. Then Black knocked him out and the crowd cheered, “You deserve it!” Should be a good triple threat match at TakeOver…

EC3 defeated Reaves. The crowd was really in it tonight as fans chanted for EC3 throughout this match and he eventually pulled out the win with The One Percent.

Shayna Baszler defeated Candice LeRae. After weeks of coming into her own, Candice LeRae was defeated after tapping out to Baszler’s chokehold. Baszler is a scary NXT Champion and even after the bell, The Queen of Spades refused to quit. After the refs couldn’t pull her off, Kaira Sane ran out to make the save.

How ya feelin’ about SummerSlam now?


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