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Here’s everything you need to know about the Yankee Stadium Seating Chart: details below include seat numbers, 3D views, an interactive seating chart, tips on where to sit, how to get discounted New York Yankees tickets and a row by row breakdown of Yankee Stadium.

Yankee Stadium Interactive Seating Chart with Rows

Unlike NFL Stadiums or NBA Arenas, MLB Stadiums have a ton seats that one could consider “great”. Some fans prefer to watch the game from the outfield in the bleachers, other prefer behind the plate, and some prefer being on one of the baselines. The information provided below on the Yankee Stadium Seating Chart will help you find your ideal seat location.


Yankee Stadium Seating with Seat Numbers

Yankee Stadium Seating Chart with rows and seat numbers

At Yankees Stadium, seat 1 is always located closer to the lower numbered adjacent section. For example, seat 1 in section 425 would be closest to seat 24 in section 424.

Typically, the best seats are located closer to the middle of the stadium. Going by that logic, if you’re on the left field line, you’d want a seat with a lower seat number, and on the right field line you’d look for a higher seat number. (So remember, don’t think of seat numbers and row numbers as the same thing!)


Yankee Stadium Dimensions and Capacity

The following dimensions are from Home Plate:

  • 52 ft to the Backstop
  • 318 ft to Left Field
  • 399 ft to Left Center
  • 408 ft to Center
  • 385 ft to Right Center
  • 314 ft to Right Field

The new Yankee Stadium seats 50,086 (3rd most in MLB), with a maximum capacity of 52,325 when standing room only tickets are included.

Legends and Field Levels at Yankee Stadium (00’s and 100’s)

  • These are the best seats in the stadium without a doubt. Tickets for Premium games in the front row (Legends) seats can sell for over a thousand dollars.
  • For less popular games you can pick up cheaper Field Level Tickets in the double digits.
  • Pricing for field level seats become exponentially higher the closer you get to home plate.
  • Sections 11 through 29 are the Legends Suites.
  • The Legends Suites offer the best seats in the entire stadium as well as amenities, including: the Ketel One Bar, exclusive parking, entrances, and the opportunity to pose for pictures with Yankees World Series Trophies in the  Legends Suite Bar.
  • The visitors dugout is located below sections 22-25 and the Yankees dugout is located below sections 14-17.

New Protective Netting on Field Level Beginning in 2018

Yankee Stadium will be extending their netting on the field level for the 2018 season and beyond, providing additional protection for fans in the field level sections that have previously been at risk of errant foul balls or even bats from putting them in harm’s way.

Per the official release from the Yankees:

“Beyond the dugout, netting will extend to Section 011 on the first-base side and Section 029 on the third-base side. The netting in these locations will rise to eight feet above the playing field (approximately 5.5 feet above the wall surrounding the field of play), and will remain in place from the start of batting practice through the end of the game. These sections of netting may be removed for soccer matches or other events held at Yankee Stadium.”

Early indications are that this was done to both provide safety for fans without the expense of clear sightlines or views from their great seats at the stadium.  So rest assured, Yankees fans.  Your lower level seats will be more protected, but you will still have great views.

Terrace and Main Levels at Yankee Stadium(200’s and 300’s)

  • These middle level seats offer a great vantage point without breaking the bank.
  • Prices vary drastically from as little as $42 to as much as $150 on the Yankees website.
  • You can’t go wrong with any Main Level Seats, although I’d recommend seats in sections 213, 214, 223, or 224.  The views are similar to seats closer to the infield, but half the price.
  • The same goes for sections 312 and 328  in the Terrace Level.
  • However, be wary of sections 205, 206, 233, & 234 because some sight lines are obstructed
  • Delta Sky360 Suites – Combines private seating area with benefits offered by an indoor, full-service bar and upscale dining options. Located behind home plate and on the 200 level of the stadium
  • Behind Home plate, the Terrace Level seats are called Jim Beam Premium Seats.
  • Jim Beam Premium Seats: Located in sections 317 – 323, these seats offer an alternate entrance, exclusive food and restrooms, padded seats, and a great birds eye view of the stadium.  Unless you are opting for a cheaper, lower seat, the Jim Beam Suite Seats are definitely one of your best bets.


Yankee Stadium Seat Views

Bleacher Seats at Yankee Stadium

  • Seats in the bleachers are the most economic way to see the Yankees (as is the case for most MLB games).  These seats might not be the best, but they do draw a fun crowd that shares the love and camaraderie of baseball.
  • The “Bleacher Creatures” occupy section 203, and are the most passionate (and usually intoxicated) Yankee fans. These seats are meant for a rowdy time, and participating in ‘Roll Call‘ is a great Yankee Tradition.
  • On a good day, the sun shines right in your eyes, so bring a hat and sunglasses.
  • The Away Bullpen is located just below sections 237 & 238 as well as part of the Frank’s Red Hot Terrace – perfect for hecklers.
  • The Yankees Bullpen is located just below section 202 and part of the Toyota Terrace.
  • If you’re looking for Bleacher seats, the best deals can be found by buying No Fee tickets on TickPick, or even better by bidding on cheap Yankees Tickets!


The Grandstand (400) Level at Yankee Stadium

  • The Grandstands are positioned on the fourth (the highest) level of Yankees stadium and wrap almost the entirety of the stadium
  • These are the second cheapest seats you can get besides the bleachers.
  • Pro Tip: If you don’t like to drink, sit at the Grandstand Level in Sections 407A and 433 (alcohol-free seats). You’re likely to find yourself in a quieter state of company.
  • Pro Tip 2: Section 414 is labeled obstructed view.  From personal experience I know that only really high fly balls are obstructed because of the overhang.  If you’re on a tight budget go for these tickets because they can often run up to 20 dollars cheaper than more expensive, yet similar seats.
  • Pricing for grandstand seats is split into outfield and infield pricing, with outfield seats priced around $33 dollars per game and $50 for infield.
  • Tickets are available from the Yankees official website, but because regular season baseball tickets rarely sell out, they typically sell for less on secondary markets like Tickpick.
  • Even in what are expected to be nosebleed seats, section 434b (literally the corner seats of the grandstands), turn out to be better than expected. From personal experience, I can say that we had a decent view, with no obstructions, and lots of shade.
  • The down side to sitting in the outfield Grandstands is that you have a partial view of the main screen and deep left field balls are hard to follow when everyone in front of you stand up suddenly trying to follow it.

Frank’s Red Hot Terrace and Toyota Terrace

Added to Yankee Stadium back in 2017 were the Frank’s Red Hot Terrace and the Toyota Terrace, located on each side of the Batter’s Eye Deck in Center field. These areas are open to ticket holders throughout the game, and are great for fans who buy bleacher seats.

One major tip we’ve received from some Yankees fans is that fans who don’t mind hanging out on the terrace and ignoring their seats should look to purchase tickets at the absolute cheapest get-in price and head straight to one of the terraces.  This will give you access to the open-air terrace amenities like the full bar with unique food that include drink rails to eat on and power outlets to charge up, in addition to quick and easy access to the bathrooms on the bleacher level.  Get there a little early to secure a standing spot up against the rails that provide the best views of the stadium from the area and ensure you and your party have plenty of space to hangout during your time there.


And we know how difficult it can be to find the 3d virtual seating chart for Yankee Stadium, so here it is… Yankee Stadium’s 3D Virtual Seating Chart 

And if you have any questions regarding Yankees tickets or Yankees Stadium, ask away in the comments below, we’ll be sure to answer as soon as possible.

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